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Frequently Asked Questions

Can current college or grad students be Primos?
We will consider students working on their Masters degree or Doctorate. While we do like the idea of young mentors, we’d like for our mentors to have a little more experience.
Are there going to be events for Primos?

Yes! We will host various events throughout the year to encourage group meet ups. Past events include: game board day, vision board making session, college exposure fair. 

What happens after the year is completed?
The hope is that you will form a strong bond and relationship with your Primo. We’d love for you to continue your relationship!
How are the parents involved?
Parents give permission for their children to participate in our program and must be consulted for all field trips. Primos are also a resource for families and we will be organizing info sessions for parents to attend (potential topics include financial planning, DACA clinics, etc.)
Do we have to drive our young Primo places?
Transportation arrangements should be made on a case by case basis with your Primo and their family.
Primos Dallas founding members. Back row: Jose Torres, Eli Gonzalez, Diana Herrera, Michelle Neely, Jesus Serrato; Front: Clara Torres, Alicia Serrato, Segio Gonzales

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