Most Primos mentors grew up in DFW and many were the  “firsts” in their family: first to grow up in the U.S., first to graduate, first to be fluent in English, etc. 

Primos know the challenges that come with school and figuring out life to ensure success. They want to have your back and be your (slightly) older, wiser cousin that you can count on.

Requirements to become a Primos mentee:

  • Complete the 3 step application process (below)
  • Be committed to participating for the full school year
  • Be willing to  be open-minded about the ideas and skills that Primos will be sharing

All application components must be completed by Friday, October 9th.
We will contact you by the end of October to let you know about your acceptance!
Please reach out if you have any questions:

1. Application

Mentee Application

Complete the full application and please ensure to provide the best contact info for your parent / guardian.

2. Interest Survey

Interest Survey

The interest survey will help us match you with potential mentors. Please include as much as detail as possible!

3. Teacher Reco

Teacher Reccomendation

Please have a teacher email us the recommendation document. It must be received by Friday, 10/9.

Primos At A Glance

What do you do in a mentorship program?

You will build a relationship with your mentor and get to know one another. The goal of Primos is for you and your mentor to get to a point where you are part of each other’s lives and it kinda feels like they are your cousin and part of your family.

This will be done by consistently communicating via video calls, phone calls, text, etc.

How time consuming is this?

Not very! Since we will be virtual, there is flexibility in setting meeting times. You and your mentor will figure out what works best for you both.


This sounds like it would be awkward....

Yes, all new things are a little awkward at first! BUT mentors are here to support you and we will help you ease into your mentorship. 

How many months is the program?

Our program rcoincides with the DISD school year. This year we will kick off in October and continue through June.  

Do I get to choose my Primo mentor?

Yes! Based on the interests survey you filled out, we will match you with 3 prospective mentors. We have recorded short bio videos of each mentor and you will get to choose the one you want to meet.

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