Primos are Latino professionals ready to serve the community.

Primos are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and skills with young Latinos.  

Primos are a resource to families, churches, schools, and the greater community.

Primos are an extension
of family.  

Our mission is to guide and motivate young people to become college, career, and life ready by providing them with the tools to develop self-efficacy, a growth mindset, and a commitment to service.

Our vision is to create a community of young Latinos ready to impact the world.

Most Primos grew up in the Dallas area and many were the  “firsts” in their family: first to go to school in the U.S., first to go to college, first to grow up speaking English, etc.

Primos know the challenges that come with school and figuring out life to ensure success. They want to have your back and be your (slightly) older, cool, wise cousin that you hang out with and go to for advice.

Primos At A Glance

What do you do in a mentorship program?
You will build a relationship with your mentor and get to know one another. The goal of Primos is for you and your mentor to get to a point where you are part of each other’s lives and it kinda feels like they are your cousin and part of your family.

This will be done by meeting in person and keeping in touch virtually.

How time consuming is this?
Not very! You will be meeting up in person with your mentor once a month. This can be at your school or outside of school–whatever works best for you and your mentor.

There is a lot of flexibility in setting up meetings so don’t worry if you have extra curricular activities or a job. We will make the time!

In between the monthly meeting, you guys will stay in touch via text, email, phone, etc.

We will also have a few group outings and fun events that you can participate in along with other members of Primos.

This sounds like it would be awkward....
Yes, all new things are a little awkward at first! BUT we will help you ease into your mentorship. You will first meet your mentor at our kickoff event on October 16th so that all mentors & mentees meet together. We will then have small group sessions for your second meeting. For your third meeting, it will likely be just you and your mentor but by this time you should be a little familiar with each other.
How many months is the program?
This is a full year, 12-month program. It will run from Oct ’18 – September ’19. We have created theme topics for every month that will help guide the activities you do with your Primo.
How are parents involved?
We will be having a kick-off event on October 16th for all mentors, mentees and their families. We want your parents to meet your mentors and get to know them too.

Mentors will keep in touch with parents about outings so that they know the details of when/where you will be going.

Do I get to choose my Primo mentor?
Yes! Based on the interests survey you filled out, we will match you with 3 prospective female mentors. We have recorded short bio videos of each mentor and you will get to choose the one you want to meet.
Which other students are in this program?

We are focusing on the Pleasant Grove area this year and have students from Samuell and  Florence Male Leadership Academy signed up so far.

Requirements to become a mentee:


  • Fill out the online application and provide full parent contact info – we will contact your parent for permission to join the program
  • Be committed to participating the full 12 months of the program
  • Be willing to be open-minded about the ideas and skills that Primos Dallas will be sharing

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